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Jan 30, 2013 11:30am PST
was seriously hurt this morning when hit by a car in santa rosa. the c.h.p. says he was running across highway 101 after getting gasoline to fill an empty tank. we do not have word on his condition. >> the california highway patrol has lifted a traffic alert in livermore after a fatal accident and car fire. we were over the accident that happened at 6:30 this morning. the interstate was closed for several hours near greenville road with three vehicles involved in the crash and the identity has not been released. >> happening now in san jose, police are looking for one person who used a flammable substance to try and set a house on fire. somebody threw a fiery object at a house near glenwood avenue. residents called 9-1-1 and crews saw the front porch on fire. the front door was burned but no one was hurt. >> 49er fans streaming into new orleans for the super bowl and the french quarter. sometimes it pays to go where the locals prefer. katie marzullo has more on that. >> it is similar but not quite the same. >> the difference between the french quarter and coming more into magazine, into the ci
Jan 29, 2013 11:30am PST
and almost 50 at half moon bay. 52 down one of the warmer spots. 55 at santa rosa. still in the upper 40s in napa and down towards livermore. we have temperatures in the low 50s around the monterey bay and inland. thin clouds, a lot of sunshine. breezy at the coast. mostly clear and it will be cooler tonight and looks like we'll have mild temperatures all the way through into the weekend. 56 one of cooler spots, we'll jump up to 51 for the warm spot. monterey bay, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s there and upper 50s as you head inland. tonight, could be keeper than this morning. scattered frost in inland valleys. 33 at our reporting station in napa but the neighborhoods are cooler than that. 46 in san francisco, one of the warm spots. here is what is happening. players on the map, high pressure to the east. one to the west we're more concerned with that. that is going to shove this cold pocket of air and the high clouds with it off to the east. we'll have high clouds today but more sunshine tomorrow and warmest temperatures around wednesday, thursday and friday and more high clouds an
Jan 31, 2013 11:30am PST
to double-digits in livermore. 68, 11 degrees warmer than average. fremont, oakland, napa, santa rosa at 69. heading down to the monterey bay slightly warmer, upper 60s to low 70s. let's take a look at tonight. this morning, a little frost around napa. a little fog up north, but i don't think we'll have fog tonight. mid 40s around the bayshore and out to the coast. san francisco a little warmer, 48 degrees. two areas of high pressure dominateding our weather. i seek a buck until the jetstream. that is going to be flatten this ridge of high pressure, change our wind and bring us cooler conditions but still dry through the weekend. if you are lucky enough to be headed to new orleans, coldest into the 50s. look at the humidity come back as the morning lows closer to where they should be, upper 40s, mid-50s not bad for superbowl sunday. back here at home, let's search out cooler weather, low to mid-60s for saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. then a cooler air mass comes in and promises at least a chance of rain, something we haven't had in a while on wednesday, highs in the upper 50s to near
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3